Coin Bible #1 Crypto Community | @coinbible

Coin Bible #1 Crypto Community | @coinbible

We're all in for Ethereum Classic, HODL and let the games begin!
A price correction has taken place, XVG is ready to go up. HODL!
Some governments are ready to support Crypto, meanwhile some are ready to stop Crypto! #nonames
Ripple to the moon!
Market crashes are needed to give opportunity to buy at a lower cost. See this as a good time to invest.
See positive in negative...this means this it's a good time to invest for a cheaper cost!
Season greetings, Bitcoin plunges. Could this be the start of the 'bubble bursting'? Let's hope not!
A short intro clip to Monero. An alternative to Bitcoin, ideal for private transactions. The future will definitely have a place for this currency
'Bitcoin' is a word everyone thinks about when they wake up in the morning and before they go to sleep at night. Do you agree?
So what exactly is ReddCoin? Find out more by swiping!
A new exchange coming soon. Coinbase already operates GDAX, so this will be another!
Keep an eye out for this. Once a new platform is launched the price of Tether Coins may see a strong rise
Ripple has hit a new all time high. $1 is big news for a currency with a large circulation supply.
EtherDelta has been hacked. Be wary of exchanges holding your coins, as there is risk of losing coins as a result of a hack.
LiteCoin founder decides to sell ALL his LiteCoins. So what does this mean for the currency? ---------------------------
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There I was thinking twice about investments, meanwhile Hedge funds were 'pouring' money in...
Bank of Murrica' are investing for the future...and...we believe CRYPTO IS THE FUTURE!
Verge XVG has climbed so high. Roll on 2018!
Buy someone Ripple for Christmas 👍🏽
'Cup and Handle' shape indicates upcoming increase for Ripple
Bitcoin has seen a massive drop due to Coinbase offering its rival fork currency Bitcoin Cash. ---------------------------
BTC/USD expected to recover. Are you HODL'ing or selling? ---------------------------
Bitcoin cash added to coinbase!
Ripple is growing in staff, as it's coin price increases.
Estonia to launch its own crypto currency. This is BIG news! Could the whole country use crypto as a national currency?
Cardano has had a major push in the market. Did you buy it? Predictions for it to hit $3!
Who's looking to buy crypto coins? Our advice is to start at Coinbase then work your way through various exchanges to purchase Alt-coins.
20BTC as of today is approx. £$390,000 (£290,000). What are your thoughts?
Bc who doesn't want to be rich?
What are ICO's? ---------------------------
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What ICO's are you looking out for?
TRON coin has risen significantly over the past week
Do you think it's better if the media stays away from Crypto? Was it better when it was more unknown?

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