Little boy sure does love pointing to Dad. And after the holidays, it’s nice to be back in our cloth. Lemon Ice poking through 😏 .
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Indianapolis. .
When I was a kid, Indianapolis reminded me of NASCAR. The first time I made my way to this city was in 2013. The weekend before Sam and I were engaged. We looked at planting a church here.
A wild Friday night for the Tompkins 😂
Stay exploring.
So, this is happening. .
Finished Miss Peregrin’s Peculiar Children series yesterday and I am itching for another read. Also, Sam told me if I can read LOTR after this, he would send me on another cruise.
#lotr #thehobbit #tolkien ...
The Nation’s Capital.
Washington D.C.
I grew up in the suburbs of D.C. which was a blessing and a curse. Traffic was a normal, but so was the rich history around me. For my husband, he didn’t go to DC ...
Out of all of our #youarehere mugs, I haven’t actually been to Michigan. My in-laws picked up the mug on their mini vacation last year. We plan on visiting this year though!
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Virginia is for lovers.
I (Breigh) was born and raised in the commonwealth. Sam and I met in Lynchburg, married, and had our two kids there. It will always be home to me.
Anyways, we have had our fair share ...
Anybody else travel to collect memories and coffee mugs? •
Since we started dating, we have picked up over a dozen Starbucks You are Here mugs. Last year, we added our first international mug and first DisneyWorld mug, as well. ...
Continuing our New Years tradition of going to bed early on New Years. ✌🏻2017.
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I am pretty sure the days between Christmas and New Years are meant for lounging around.
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This may have taken 30 minutes to do, but Eisley is super proud of herself. I can’t believe how fast she is catching on to learning. *If anybody wants to learn patience, teach a distracted 3 year old how to ...
Walking Indy! Indy started walking on the last day of our vacation which was May 19th! 10 months old.
Callin' James Eisley loves calling up her friends, even if her dad tells her not to. Plus, who taught her how to use her shoulder to hold up her phone???
Indiana's Growing Up 8 months old and Indy decided to start pulling himself up on furniture.
GUESS WHO'S CRAWLING? Indy started crawling on 2/24 and I captured this video on 2/25. 7 1/2 months old!
TODDLER DRUMMER 16 month old, Eisley, drumming along side her daddy. Father like daughter.
WHAT DOES THE PUPPY SAY?? Can you tell that our neighbors have dogs?
BABY CHUGS HOT COCOA January 23, 2016 Since we are snowed in due to Jonas, we decided to let Eisley have her first taste of hot chocolate. She approves. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://w...
Halloween 2015 Pumpkin painting, pumpkin carving, and Trick-or-Treating. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
PUT IT BACK! Vlog #2 A snow day and a growing little girl. Let's get real, you only watch this for her. Like. Subscribe. Share. Instagram: bltompkins13 & samueltompkins.
MIRRORS! Valentines Weekend Vlog 2015 Our first family vlog, ever. Like. Subscribe. Share. Instagram: bltompkins13 & samueltompkins.

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