[11/1/2018] Yamada Ryosuke 「Momikeshite Fuyu」 1m29s Promo [11/Jan/2018] Yamada Ryosuke 「Momikeshite Fuyu」 1m29s Promo.
[29/11/2017] Yamada Ryosuke, Honda Tsubasa & Sato Ryuta「FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST」Interview【Kyokan TV】 [29/Nov/2017] Yamada Ryosuke, Honda Tsubasa & Sato Ryuta「FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST」Interview【Kyokan TV】
Yamada Ryosuke & Tsuchiya Tao doing Emergency Drill using AR Yamada was supposed to saved Tao-chan but they ended up bumped into each other head and Uchimura-san said "Love begin" LOL XD School Kakumei 2017.08.13.
Chibi Yamada Ryosuke Ryosuke's chibi days. Well, he is still chibi though. BGM : ヤンバルクイナが飛んだ(ワカバージョン) - ワカバ I don't own anything Cr: owner.
Yamada Ryosuke ft Chinen Yuri - How to Get Rid of Spiciness with Paper Fan? Yamada has to test whether the spiciness will be gone after being hit by the paper fan or not. Inoo give him sour water and Yuya give him bitter tea. Itadaki High Jump 2017.07.19.
Happy 24th Birthday Yamada Ryosuke 🍓 - 山田涼介お誕生日おめでとう Love songs medley video I've made for Yama's birthday. ❤ Because these songs, among many others always remind me of you. Yama-chan, have a sweet birthday today and may the years ahead of...
[FMV] Yamada Ryosuke's "Not-Cute" Side BGM Tittle: Ifuudoudou/Pomp and Circumstance/威風堂々 Cover by Shoose (しゅーず) Original Vocal: Luka, Miku, Gumi, IA & Rin Music: Umetora (梅とら) I don't own anything cr: owner.
My Top 5 Yamada Ryosuke's Roles BGM : One Ok Rock - C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h Semi-sama is my no.1.
Yamada Ryosuke's Impersonation I made this compilation video and upload in my previous youtube account that already dissable because copyright strike so i upload this AGAIN in my NEW ACCOUNT. btw my previous account is...
[ENG SUBS] 161127 Yamada Ryosuke says sorry to a fan - School Kakumei cut Yamada Ryosuke Fansub Team✨ download in higher quality in our blog! http://ryoosukeyamada.tumblr.com/ translator: @humming-yay​ timer, typesetter, encoder: [email protected]
Ryoosuke Yamada Fansub Team Hey! Say! JUMP We are dedicated to releasing Hey! Say! Jump videos with English subtitles let's spread the Hey! Say! Jump love! It's our dream to share fansubs for everyone! Recruiting Japanese translators,...
Yamada Ryosuke - Perfume and love letter [subbed] gomen if only the love letter is subbed.) it's my first time. lol. can anyone teach me how to put the titles down?? thank you! credits for the video goes to someone else i do not know :3 oh,...

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