Raising happy kids: encouraging social and emotional skills


What Is Social-Emotional Development?

Children are learning more quickly between the ages of 0 and 5 than at any other time in life. During this time, they aren’t just learning their ABCs and 123s: they are also building emotional and

Parenting Tips: How to Raise Happy Kids

Parenting Tips: How to Raise Happy Kids. For more complete advices please visit: http://infomay.com/i/4lifekids-yt70 When you ask parents what they want for their kids, what's usually the most

How to Raise a Happy Child by Renee Jain

Renee Jain of www.gostrengths.com discusses the skills parents should practice in order to raise happier children. Humans are hard-wired to focus on the negative things in life, but we can cultivate

Teaching moment: Social and emotional skills

Learning how to interact and get along well with others is critical to success in school. High-quality early learning programs help young children build strong social and emotional

How to Raise a Happy Child

SUBSCRIBE https://goo.gl/6UizAg Watch more expert parenting advice videos - http://goo.gl/iIzPui Christine Carter, PhD Sociologist & Happiness Expert, shares advice for parents on why it is

Mom of 15: How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

Are you a busy mom who needs a little advice from a woman with experience? Well look no further and meet the woman who knows, Lyette Reback, mother of 15 on this brand new episode of Mom 15, a