The High Cost of Poverty Pt I - It would be cheaper to solve the problem...


How Poverty Changes Your Brain

Worrying about money can put a strain on you in the short-term, but new research shows that living in poverty can affect you for life. How Do Food Stamps Work?:

Why Is It So Expensive To Be Poor?

Being poor in America is expensive. Here's why millions of Americans have no choice but to fork over $5 to cash a $25 check at a gas station. Subscribe for more videos:

Thomas Sowell - Being Poor is Expensive

Excerpt from Thomas Sowell "Compassion Versus Guilt and Other Essays": http://amzn.to/2i71Kck Twitter: https://goo.gl/vEwbO0 Pinterest: https://goo.gl/EeJkaV Facebook:

Poverty rates surge in American suburbs

When President Johnson declared a "War on Poverty" fifty years ago, images of American poverty focused on the inner-city and rural poor. What is the state of American poverty today? Megan Thompson